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Hi, I’m Aly! Here to assist you with your plant based business journey online…

My Story

I began my career in the restaurant and hotel industry at the age of 16 years old, working my way through hotel management diplomas and culinary qualifications and eventually began my career as a private chef on superyachts and in private households. In my late teens, I developed a passion for meat free and plant based cooking and this later became my speciality throughout my cooking career, on land and at sea. 

In addition to the culinary creativity, I provide vegan and plant based business consultancy for hospitality professionals and plant based / vegan focussed businesses around the world. It’s all about education, growth and spreading as much positivity and good stuff as we can! My love for all things digital was a direct result of my hunger for learning and knowledge whilst living on the island of Saint Martin, FWI. In 1996, when the internet had started to gain momentum, I knew it was time to get onboard and work my way through the ins and outs of the world wide web. This marked the beginning of my digital and plant based culinary pathway, combined. 


FREE websites for plant based and vegan businesses

No hitches or hidden costs. I set up your domain, hosting and WordPress 5 page website installation with premium Divi theme. All inclusive and no ‘tied in’ contract. The only requirement is to use our recommended hosting to gain access to the entirely free web set up. 

OPTIONAL ongoing business support

A straight up simple monthly member fee of €5 (Yep, that’s all) for access to videos and tutorials to help you maintain and update your website. You will also have access to a members only group with plenty of tips and tricks to help you create and edit your social media videos, marketing images and content. How cool is that!? No obligation and no yearly tie in. For plant based and vegan business owners only.

1-1 an extra helping hand

Need a little more help here? No problem! We can set up some 1-1 sessions to assist you with those tricky hot spots and hurdles. No lengthy programs and contracts, just as and when you need some private coaching. Once you’ve cracked the code, you can go merrily on your way and touch base with me the next time you hit a techie brick wall.


A percentage of ALL profits will go to : World Central Kitchen

WCK deliver wholesome home cooked meals to people in cirsis situations around the world.

My Approach

It’s pretty simple really…. help. Helping others. My lifelong goal has been to share my own skillset and payforward the support and guidance I’ve had along the way throughout my career.

I’ve always loved teaching, no matter the discipline or subject. It’s how we grow and develop as a global nation.

We’ve all seen the benefits (and sometimes disadvantages) of the internet and working digitally. For many, these advancements have simple been to much to tackle. Cue Aly, this is where I come in!

It’s my belief, that the more good we can do, the more we can grow together in an ethical, genuine way…the more chance we have of getting our business scruples RIGHT…and the more chance we have to pass these ethical methods on, to the next generations to follow.

I’d love to help YOU!

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